• Joy Sephton

The "it's" or "its" dilemma

This may be the shortest article I'll ever post here, because it’s all a lot simpler than it seems.

It’s = it is / it has

The apostrophe always shows that a letter is missing; in this case the “i” of is or the "ha" of has.

Its = "belongs to it"

This is always the possessive form of the word, as in:

Her research √

His computer √

Its conclusion √

You would never write he'r research or hi’s computer – so why would you write it’s conclusion?

Finally, if you’re tempted to try out your’s, her's, our’s or their’s the same rule applies; you would never write the computer is hi’s, so you shouldn't write the hat is your's—or their's.

To summarise:

it's = a letter is missing

its = "belongs to it"

Do comment below if you have other suggestions for getting them right.

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