I prefer to do all my editing in Google Docs, but if you insist (!), I will do it in Microsoft Word using the tracking function. I'll gladly edit a two-hundred-word sample of your work for free and without any obligation to you before you decide to hire me. In that way, you'll have a good idea of what I can do for your manuscript, I'll have a good sense of the depth of editing or proofreading that's needed, and you can decide if what I do and the way I do it is what you're looking for. Then we'll work closely together through each phase of your editing.


If it's your first time using Google Docs, I'll talk you through it at no extra charge! 

How long does editing take?

Duration depends a great deal on the amount of work that your manuscript needs, its length, the time you take to go through each stage of edits, and to a certain extent, by when you wish to have it completed. Contact me and together we'll work out an approximate time-frame depending on your needs.

What about communication?

We can keep in touch by email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or all four. While I'm working on your manuscript I will email you updates every day or every couple of days so you know I haven't forgotten you. 


I usually ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit to book your place in the queue. After that, I generally charge 40% upfront and the final 50% on completion of the work. Repeat customers usually only pay the 10% deposit, with 90% due on completion, unless it's a long project, in which case I require 40% to be paid at around halfway.

Practicalities: how I edit

Line Editing

I include copy editing and proofreading when I do line editing because I'm a raving perfectionist. 


I will identify and correct any errors concerning:

  1. wrong or repetitive word usage

  2. cliches that don't work

  3. unsuitable tone

  4. clumsy or repetitive sentence structure 

  5. ambiguity

  6. minor inconsistencies; for example, the color of a character's eyes, a concept that seems contradictory

  7. ineffective or weak paragraph structure

  8. pretty much anything else that crops up



Copy Editing

I include line editing and proofreading when I do copy editing because I hate leaving mistakes unfixed. 


I will examine your text to make sure your final draft is clear, concise and consistent, and free of silly mistakes. This includes:

  1. grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  2. typos

  3. standardising things like capitalisation and use of hyphens

  4. basic fact-checking, such as dates




Proofreading is the very last part of the editing process before publishing. It is also something that I include with line and copy editing because of being a perfectionist, but I do offer proofreading services on their own.


During this phase, I will look for any grammatical errors that may have slipped through the revisions after the content edit, including typos, spelling, and punctuation.


Depending on your situation, it could be worth your while to invest in a line and copy edit plus proofreading combo instead of limiting yourself to proofreading only.