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About Me


My name is Joy Sephton, and I live in Johannesburg, in South Africa. I also lived in the UK for a number of years. I work with both American English and British English style conventions, depending on which your story needs, and I edit both fiction and non-fiction.

I studied English Literature, English Language, and Linguistics at Rhodes University, South Africa. I have around twenty-three years of experience in training business writing and self-editing and concurrently started editing and proofreading in 2004. I have been exclusively editing since 2015.

As a writer in my own capacity, I am also a self-published author and have vicarious experience of many launches as ‘my’ authors publish the books I’ve edited. I get the concepts of deadlines and stress!


My goal is to provide cost-effective and professional line editing, copy editing, and proofreading services.


My passion is to give support and promote quality in the eBook community, so soon you'll find a number of resources and lots of information here.  hope they'll help and encourage you on your journey.

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