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Louise VN Liebenberg Amazon International Bestseller

I wholeheartedly recommend Joy Sephton, and there is no clearer way to support this than the fact that she was the editor for my first book and will be for my subsequent books.

I feel so relieved and supported in my self-publishing journey to have her by my side, not only for how she enhances my writing while respecting my voice but also for the moral support and encouragement.

She is dependable and has great instincts, but undoubtedly the biggest plus for me is her consideration for my message, and her ability and willingness to be honest and constructive.


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Leigh Roberts
Silver medal in the 2021
Readers' Favorite contest for
Epic Fantasy

(nineteen books and still going strong)

Joy Sephton is an editor extraordinaire. Here is an editor who can give critical feedback without crushing your spirit. Joy understands how sensitive writers can be about their ‘baby’ and finds a way to educate instead of criticizing. She understands the writer’s voice and makes value-added, insightful suggestions. She has caught inconsistencies in my characters, as well as deviations in storylines. Joy goes the extra mile in every aspect of editing: accuracy, reliability, communication, forbearance and is an excellent communicator; you will not wonder where you are in the process. She often offers suggestions of very valuable resources to help you along the way. She is faithful to her word. I have no doubt my work is the best it can be because of her. If you are lucky enough to work with Joy, you will thank the day she accepted you as a client. You will find it an enjoyable, invaluable experience. She has a delightful sense of humor to boot!  I could not bear to think of working with any other editor. If I could retain her and hide her and keep her to myself, I would!

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Mina Lee


I cannot thank Joy Sephton enough for her amazing and sincere efforts for my rounds of editing. English is my second language and her touches were not a simple edit. I’d say she’s almost a co-author of this book. She shared part of her life with me for several months, discussing the content and seeking the best way of delivering my message. I can now be sure that my intention and stories flow well and clearly so that my readers can understand them more easily. Most of all, she motivated me to rediscover my drive whenever I lost momentum. That I met such a passionate Joy is the best thing that ever happened to me since I decided to write a book.

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