Price List

Students of Self-Publishing School get an automatic discount of around 20%.


All services come with a non-disclosure undertaking to protect your intellectual property and prices depend on the quality of your manuscript.


Approximate prices are as follows:


Line Editing (Includes Copy Editing and Proofreading) *

Starting at USD: $0.038 (3.8c) per word


Copy Editing (Includes Proofreading) *

From USD: $0.025 (2½c) per word to

USD: $0.038 (3.8c) per word


Proofreading *

USD: $0.013 (1.3c) per word, to

USD: $0.025 (2½c) per word


* Important: these prices are a guideline. I will send you a signed non-disclosure undertaking in return for a sample of your manuscript. In this way, I can more accurately judge the complexity of the editing/proofreading it needs, edit a sample for you, and give you a no-obligation quote.  


See also my Terms and Conditions.

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