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My line editing, copy editing, and proofreading package usually costs USD 3.8c per word, depending on the quality of your manuscript.

Until the end of November, I'm charging USD 2c per word

for all three (depending on availability and general manuscript quality)

Have a look below and see if I can help you.

Celebrating spring

in South Africa 

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Line Editing *

includes copy editing & proofreading

Usual price, USD:

starting at

$0.038 (3.8c) 

per word

depending on the quality of the manuscript

I'll identify and correct:

  1. wrong or repetitive word usage

  2. cliches that don't work

  3. unsuitable tone

  4. clumsy or repetitive sentence structure 

  5. ambiguity

  6. minor inconsistencies, for example, the name of a process, or a character's eye color

  7. ineffective paragraph structure

  8. and more

Copy Editing *

includes proofreading

Usual price, USD:

$0.015 (1½c) 

per word

I'll make sure that your self-edited draft is clear, concise, and consistent, and free of 'silly' mistakes.


This includes:

  1. grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  2. typos

  3. standardizing things like capitalization and use of hyphens

  4. basic fact-checking, such as historical dates

  5. making sure the basic formatting is correct: things like eliminating double spacing, standardizing font, and so on. NOTE: this does not replace professional book formatting.

Proofreading *

Usual price, USD:

$0.013 (1.3c) to

$0.025 (2.5c) 

per word

depending on the quality of the manuscript

I'll use the proofreading exercise to find and correct any last grammatical errors, including spelling and punctuation.


This takes place after all other editing is complete and acts as the final polish.


I include both, so I'll proofread your manuscript twice.

* Important: this price is a guideline. In order to forward you a final and binding quote, I will ask you to e-mail a sample of your work to me, which I will edit/proofread free of charge and without any obligation on your part. In this way, I can more accurately judge the complexity of the editing/proofreading needed, and you can decide if what I do is what you're looking for.

See also my Terms and Conditions.

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